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We ensure ethical governance is embedded and prioritized in the development of new technology.

Project Liberty’s Institute aims to enhance ethical governance by supporting timely, actionable research on digital technology and responsible innovation. It serves as an international meeting ground for technologists, policymakers, academia, civil society, entrepreneurs and governance experts. Together, these interdisciplinary partners and leaders from the public and private sector create frameworks for how we build, invest in, deploy and regulate new technologies for the common good.

We recognize the importance of global partnerships and perspectives in developing effective frameworks for responsible technology across borders.

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We work with our academic founding partners, Sciences Po, Georgetown University and Stanford University, to advance actionable research to catalyze evidence-based governance innovation.

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We know that pursuing more ethical and inclusive ways to build technology is a collective effort that requires a broad range of backgrounds and communities to positively shape the next digital era.

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Project Liberty’s Institute in partnership with Aspen Digital has launched a global consultative multi-stakeholder process to discuss and define a set of operational ethical principles for policymakers, entrepreneurs, operators, technologists and investors.

How to ethically build, invest in, deploy and regulate emerging technologies such as web3, artificial intelligence, quantum or computer-brain interfaces is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century.

Project Liberty and Aspen Digital's global initiative embarks on a process to map existing efforts and gather insights through five regional multi-stakeholder consultations across Latin America, Asia, Africa, North America and Europe.

These consultations will engage representatives from key entities spanning stakeholder groups: governments, international organizations, industry, investors, technologists, civil society and academia.

Project Liberty and Aspen Digital will synthesize the most promising ideas from across sectors, technologies and regions, and update with new and emerging challenges and solutions, in order to create a set of proposed operational ethical principles fit for purpose to guide practitioners in advancing responsible technology in 2024 and beyond.

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