Web3 & Privacy

11 October 2022

Panelists discuss how a decentralized web could protect user data and privacy.

On October 11, 2022, Project Liberty's Institute kicked off its new event series – “Web3 &”.

The first event in the series tackled the issue of privacy in a decentralized web, and welcomed prominent figures in the field of internet privacy for an in-depth discussion on the impact of new and upcoming technologies, including Web3, on managing, sharing, storing, controlling and securing data and privacy.

New technologies including decentralized data platforms and digital identity solutions present an opportunity to build a more equitable version of the internet that shifts power from major platforms to people and fundamentally changes how the internet works by addressing who controls users’ personal data and online networks. But advanced technology is only a piece of the puzzle; we also need safeguards and digital governance frameworks that prevent new ideas from being co-opted by the same old powerful interests.

This event was open in-person to Sciences Po students and external guests and was live streamed publicly on the Project Liberty's website.


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