Project Liberty's Institute Submission to the Global Digital Compact

1 March 2023

The McCourt Institute submitted inputs on 3 areas of the Global Digital Compact consultation led by the Secretary-General of the United Nations: 1. Avoid internet fragmentation 2. Protect data 3. Apply human rights online.

Project Liberty’s Institute is a nonprofit organization established in 2021, aiming to ensure that digital governance is prioritized in the development of new technology and embedded in the next generation of the web. The Institute has two founding partners, Georgetown University in Washington, DC and Sciences Po in Paris.

The Institute appreciated the opportunity to provide inputs to the Office of the Secretary-General’s Envoy on Technology on three areas of the Global Digital Compact:

1. Avoiding internet fragmentation

2. Protecting data

3. Applying human rights online

Our combination of academic partnerships, staff expertise, and technology development makes us the ideal contributor for this body of work.

We believe that a digital ecosystem that prioritizes individuals and societal issues over profit of a few monopolistic digital service providers can be achieved through the right tools and norms. The multi-stakeholder approach of the Global Digital Compact is a great step towards achieving it.

Read or download the full consultation here.


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