Project Liberty Founder Frank McCourt to Donate Proceeds from His Forthcoming Book OUR BIGGEST FIGHT to Project Liberty Foundation

14 February 2024

Sales of OUR BIGGEST FIGHT will support the nonprofit Project Liberty Foundation and strengthen its global partner network.

Frank McCourt, executive chairman of McCourt Global and founder of Project Liberty, today announced that net proceeds from his forthcoming book "OUR BIGGEST FIGHT: Reclaiming Liberty, Humanity, and Dignity in the Digital Age," will be donated to the Project Liberty Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization working to advance the responsible development of technology and ensure that tomorrow's internet is designed and governed for the common good. OUR BIGGEST FIGHT, co-authored with journalist Michael Casey, will be published by Crown Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Random House, on March 12, 2024, and is currently available for pre-sale.

OUR BIGGEST FIGHT has been selected by the Next Big Idea Club as its "must-read" book for March. An early review by Kirkus calls it, "an illuminating, provocative, and disturbing analysis of our current digital age." Award-winning author and journalist Walter Isaacson describes it as, "an important book as we enter the era when artificial intelligence meets social media." 

"OUR BIGGEST FIGHT is an urgent call to action for people to reclaim what Big Tech has co-opted and corrupted, and to help build a safer, healthier internet that protects our children and empowers people over platforms," said McCourt. "With Project Liberty Foundation on the front lines of a growing movement to revolutionize today's tech system, I'm hopeful that this book will strengthen the critical work of the Foundation and its growing alliance of partners worldwide."

Project Liberty Foundation's international network of collaborators includes academic partners Georgetown University, Stanford University, and Sciences Po, as well as more than 60 civic organizations. The Foundation's efforts inform and shape the work of Project Liberty—a far-reaching, $500-million initiative to build a better web and better world.

"We are thrilled by the initial interest in OUR BIGGEST FIGHT, which succinctly outlines the urgent need for new digital civic infrastructure to counter active threats to democracy, youth mental health, and individual data rights," said Tomicah Tillemann, president of Project Liberty. "The book offers concrete solutions to upgrade the internet and is a powerful call to advance Project Liberty Foundation's critical work."

OUR BIGGEST FIGHT can be pre-ordered at

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