Project Liberty Foundation and Foundation for Interoperability in Digital Economy Partner to Build a Decentralized Digital Future

25 March 2024

By Erik Suhonen

In its continuing effort to build a global alliance of technologists, academics, policy makers and citizens to build a more responsible and open internet infrastructure, Project Liberty Foundation has entered a formal partnership with the Foundation for Interoperability in Digital Economy (FIDE). FIDE, co-founded by Infosys co-founder and philanthropist Nandan Nilekani, is dedicated to promoting decentralization in digital technology, aiming to foster a more open and equitable digital ecosystem. This new partnership will focus on furthering the shared vision of a decentralized digital future with enhanced digital sovereignty for individuals.

Project Liberty Foundation is committed to finding solutions that will allow internet users more agency over their digital identities, to have a voice in the governance of digital platforms and to benefit from the economic value created by their data. FIDE is dedicated to promoting decentralization in digital technologies, aiming to foster a more open and equitable digital ecosystem and as such developed the open protocol, Beckn.

The Beckn protocol was developed to revolutionize the way digital platforms and services interact and transact with each other. Its core mission is to enable seamless interoperability across various digital ecosystems without the need for central intermediaries which is aligned with the Decentralized Social Networking Protocol (DSNP) which is stewarded by the Project Liberty Foundation. Integration of Beckn protocol with DSNP empowers individuals to have agency over their data.

FIDE and Nandan Nilekani play a crucial role in developing and disseminating positive technology to over a billion individuals," said Tomicah Tillemann, President of Project Liberty and Interim CEO of Project Liberty Foundation. "We are extremely grateful for the chance to collaborate with them as we strive to empower individuals with control over their digital lives."

This partnership not only fosters groundbreaking technology solutions but also empowers seamless peer-to-peer transactions and interactions. The initial technology innovation being co-developed is focused on building trust online through social proof which is achieved by integrating Beckn and DSNP solving for the problem of inauthentic online reviews and fake products when shopping online.

"We’re excited to collaborate with Project Liberty Foundation on our first joint use case - the design and development of a social commerce platform to demonstrate the real world utility and impact of DSNP alongside Beckn Protocol,” said Sujith Nair, CEO and co-founder of FIDE. “Together, our teams will be jointly crafting technological innovations, adeptly addressing challenges across diverse realms like social commerce, education, ride-sharing, sports, and beyond.”

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